The widely use of Stainless Steel pipeline and its advantage

2021-06-02 Views:169

With the fast developing of urbanization, stainless steel pipeline are widely used in our life for its safe and reliability, sanitary and environment, affordable and useful. The below are the reflection of its advantages.

1: It can work safely for a long time within the temperature of - 270 ℃ - 400 ℃. No matter at high or low temperature, it will not generate harmful substances, and the material performance is quite stable.

2: The stainless steel pipe in The cold rolled stainless steel pipe’s inner surface are very smooth and has very small water resistance. At low flowing rate, the water resistance is only 2 / 5 of carbon steel pipe, which reduces pressure loss and transportation cost. Moreover, it is sanitary, difficult to be contaminated by bacteria.

3: The heat preservation performance of stainless steel pipe is 24 times of that of copper pipe, which reduces the heat loss and is especially suitable for hot water transportation.

4: Green environmental protection, It will not cause pollution, so it is conducive to sustainable development, and stainless steel waste also has great economic value.

5: Stainless steel material is safe and non-toxic, no corrosion and no leakage rate, no peculiar smell or turbidity problems, will not cause secondary pollution to the water quality, keep the water pure and sanitary, health and safety to fully guarantee.

6: It has excellent mechanical properties and excellent wear resistance. The thin but dense chromium oxide film on the surface of stainless steel pipes makes the water pipelines have good corrosion resistance including soft water, even when they are used underground.

7: The stainless steel pipes with excellent corrosion resistance can withstand the erosion of high-speed water flow up to 30 m / s. It is used in the diversion stainless steel pipe of high head power station. The water velocity at the end of the pipe orifice can reach more than 60 m / s, and it still has a long life of more than 100 years.

8: The tensile strength of stainless steel pipe is more than 530 n / mm, which is 2 times that of galvanized pipe, 3-4 times that of copper pipe and 8-10 times that of PPR pipe.

9. It is good for saving water resources, beautiful, clean and fashionable appearance, 100% recyclable, good safety and health performance, good temperature resistance, good thermal insulation performance, smooth inner wall and small water resistance.

10: It is helpful to improve the grade of urban buildings. It can be installed outside, buried in wall or used underground.

11: It can be used in municipal water supply network, pipe direct drinking water, hot water transportation, medium and high quality building water supply, hot water pipe for heating, steam pipe, outdoor high-speed in severe cold area, urban fire water supply, pump room and other occasions.

12. The high strength of stainless steel pipe greatly reduces the possibility of water leakage affected by external force, significantly reduces the water leakage rate, and effectively protects and utilizes water resources.